Solo Performer or Band? How to Decide Which One is Right for You

Most people begin playing music on their own without the accompaniment of others. This allows you to find and continuously perfect your own technique while also discovering your range. While you might be extremely satisfied simply playing as a solo performer, there are a number of advantages that joining a band can offer you.

1. You’ll learn to listen in a whole new way
Of course, you already have a good ear for the beat and tempo of the music you play. Adding in other instruments, though, means that you will need to learn to listen to them as well. Even if you decide to play with a band only occasionally, doing so will enrich your musical abilities and broaden your range — all good skills to have when it comes to furthering your own journey as a soloist.

2. You’ll need to make space for others
As a solo player, you can expand your music to fill up the entire space. There is no need to be concerned about making room for others. There is something to be said for being able to make your instrument robust enough to carry the song by itself. Being able to count and make room for others within the music, though, deepens your skill set and gives the song a richness that is difficult to obtain as a soloist.

3. You’ll learn how your music fits with the song
Discovering the role that your particular instrument plays within the songs you play means that you’ll have to seamlessly flow into it. Collaborating with other people can cut the work involved exponentially. Being able to bounce ideas off other people can lead to innovative and creative solutions that you never thought possible.

Being a soloist allows you to have all the fame and glory for yourself. On the other hand, if you feel like you’ve reached a plateau or your music seems stale, a band could offer you exactly what you need. You might even make some life-long friends in the process.
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If you are a solo performer, there will likely be a time in your life when you consider joining a band. These tips can help you decide if it’s a good idea.
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Join a band or remain a solo performer? This question cannot be answered on a whim. Learn what to consider when deciding.