How To Tell Which Instrument Your Child Should Play

So you are ready to invest in some music lessons for your child. You can almost picture your prodigy on stage at Carnegie Hall performing a stellar concerto. Well, that’s probably a lofty goal, but there are many benefits to playing a musical instrument. It teaches a lifelong skill that requires discipline and practice, but can be a very enjoyable process for your child to experience.

If they haven’t specifically said what type of instrument they want to learn, then how can you tell which instrument they should play? If you have someone close to you, such as your spouse or a grandparent that plays a certain instrument, then this might be the opportunity to see if your child is drawn t it. Hopefully they have seen their parent or other family member play so there is a natural inclination to take up an instrument. A commonality. For example, if your spouse plays guitar, he might have a few of them in his collection and might not mind sharing with junior. Plus it’s easier to expand on lessons, practicing at home if more than one family member plays.

Another way to tell which instrument your child should play is to just ask them. It’s much easier to get a child interested in their lessons if they are playing an instrument they want to play. You might want your child to play the piano, since you have a gorgeous upright piano in working order in your home, but if your little one is set on getting their rock on with drum lessons, then you might as well cave to their wishes. They will be happier and learn faster with doing something that appeals to them.

Of course it also depends how your own child’s motor skills are doing. If they are very dexterous, and good with their hands you might want to choose piano or guitar. If they are up for a more challenging instrument then you might want to go the classical violin route. When they reach 5th grade in middle school they can take up an instrument in the school’s band. So that opens up a variety of choices such as the trombone, the flute, and even the saxophone. Visit a music shop and let your child hold all sorts of different instruments to find out which ones they might like to try.

Above all, try to get your child excited about the process. Having them take lessons at a great music school that knows how to cater to children is the best option. Eagle Rock Music Studio is ready to show your child just how awesome playing a musical instrument can be.