Frame Drum Lessons

Frame Drum Lessons

If your frame drum is currently more of a decorative item or a novelty instrument

used to entertain party guests, here is your chance to make use of it the way you

have always intended. Eagle Rock Music Studio is proud to offer private lessons for

those interested in playing frame drums recreationally as well as those looking to

master the instrument. Our frame drum lessons are available to musicians of all ages

and skill levels — if your child is eager to learn the instrument, or if you are a more

serious musician looking to increase your proficiency level so you can contribute to

recordings, Eagle Rock has more advanced lessons to offer, as well.


Frame drums are among the world’s oldest instruments, but they appear across

pretty much every area of the world. “Frame drum” is a generic term that

encompasses the following instruments: adufe, bendir, bodhrán, buben, crowdy-

crawn, daf, daires, duff, daff, daffli, epirotiko defi, dayereh, dob, doyra, dhyāngro,

ghaval, kanjira, mazhar, pandeiro, pandereta, pandero, pandero cuequero, pander

jarocho, patayani thappu, ramana, ravann, rebana, riq, sami drum, shaman drum,

tamborim, tambourine, tamburello, tammorra, tar, thappu, toph, tupim, timbrel, and

uchiwa daiko. Those appear in different countries, but all share having drumhead

that is wider than it is deep — this is the defining characteristic of a frame drum.


Of the instruments on the above list, many Americans are likely only familiar with

the tambourine, but the sheer variety of different frame drums found all over the

globe suggests that there is much more to frame drums than meets the eye;

ultimately, it’s not just about the tambourine. Even so, the tambourine is particularly

pervasive in many genres, such as classical, folk, and rock. The other frame drums

figure prominently into world music — where this is music, frame drums can be



All of our frame drum lessons are private: we recognize that everyone is different

and responds to various teaching styles differently, so we tailor our lessons

specifically for each student — we believe this achieves the best results. At Eagle

Rock Music Studio, we guide your hopes and dreams towards reality — and we love

it when our students take the necessary action to surpass the goals they set for

themselves because they love playing their instrument so much.

At Eagle Rock, our mission is to guide you from dreaming toward doing. We offer

two course paths for those who wish to learn the frame drum: one for those seeking

to play professionally, and another for those seeking to just play for their own

enrichment. We believe it is important to encourage our students to develop their

own musical voices, and because of this we also believe students need to be in a

supportive, friendly, and engaging environment where their ambitions can be

achieved in an active manner.

Both the professional and recreational paths, though, start with the identification of

your goals as a musician and working with your instructor to create a detailed

action plan to effectively reach those tangible goals. In the case of an aspiring

professional frame drum player, practice is enormously significant for increasing

your level of proficiency with your instrument. But actually refining and perfecting

these skills under the training of an instructor — who can help you work towards

fulfilling your goals every step of the way — is critical to your development, too.

Eagle Rock Music Studios is located just north of downtown Los Angeles between

Glendale and Pasadena. For more

information or to set up a lesson, please call us at 323-309-8467.