Lap Steel Lessons

Lap Steel Lessons

If you have always been drawn to the lap steel guitar, you’re in good company. Lap

steel lessons are available to players of all ages at Eagle Rock Music Studio. At Eagle

Rock, our mission is to help you transition from dreaming to doing, and it starts with

learning your instrument.


A Hawaiian man named Joseph Kekuku is credited as the inventor of the steel guitar,

and legend has it he spent his childhood continuously experimenting with different

sounds on strings until he arrived at what is essentially the sound of a guitar by

playing a plastic comb on a steel string; this became the first steel guitar. Kekuku left

his native Hawaii in 1904 — never to return — and traveled the country and world as

a vaudeville musician, sparking a lap steel guitar fad in the 1920s and 1930s in the

United States. Today, this instrument has evolved to include lap slide guitars,

resonator guitars, and electric lap steel guitars.


It may not be a common sight to see a lap steel guitar on stage when you are at a

rock concert, but many of the most famous — not to mention greatest — guitarists of

all time also play lap steel, too. Jeff Beck, David Gilmour, Chuck Berry, John Fogerty,

George Harrison, Jimmy Page, and Joe Perry are just some of the most famous

guitarists who also play the lap steel guitar. Others, like Robert Randolph, have

gained notoriety specifically through playing lap steel. It’s an instrument that figures

prominently into the rock & roll equation, even if it’s more of a fringe instrument.


We offer two course paths for those who wish to learn the lap steel guitar: one for

those seeking to play professionally, and another for those seeking to just play

recreationally. Both paths start with the identification of your goals and working

with your instructor to create a detailed plan to effectively reach those goals. In the

case of an aspiring professional lap steel player, practice is enormously significant

for increasing your level of proficiency with your instrument. Actually refining and

perfecting these skills under the training of an instructor — who can help you work

towards fulfilling your goals every step of the way — is critical to your development.

At Eagle Rock Music Studio, we encourage our students to develop their own

musical voices, and because of this we believe students need to be in a supportive,

friendly, and engaging environment where their ambitions can be achieved in an

active manner. We recognize that everyone is different and responds to various

teaching styles differently, so we tailor our lessons specifically for each student — we

believe this achieves the best results. All lap steel lessons are private as a result.

Eagle Rock Music Studios is located just north of downtown Los Angeles between

Glendale and Pasadena. For more

information or to set up a lesson, please call us at 323-309-8467.