“Very positive experience with patient an knowledgeable instructors at affordable rates.

Eagle RockMusic Studio offers knowledgeable and flexible instructors at very fair prices. My child looks forward to his lessons and I trust his piano instructor to give him personalized and engaging practice materials. The location is very convenient for us.”

Victoria O.
Los Angeles, Ca

“Sue tailors the learning to what the students want.

For me, Eagle Rock Music Studio is a good neighborhood sort of place. I live in Pasadena, and it’s just a few miles from my house. It’s really good because I’m really busy. I work full time. I’m an adult, and I just wanted to take this up as an avocation and for fun. It seems like Sue really tailors the learning to what the students are looking for.

You can either do a class, or do an individual session. She really makes an effort to give you what you want. I know there are kids who go there, and I’m sure the parents might want them to have more formal and organized music, and Sue can do that. She can also do it for adult learners.”

Lynn H.
Pasadena, CA

“They have helped me get better.

I started learning guitar about 5 or 6 years ago. I’ve been going pretty much every week since then. I’ve found my skills in playing guitar have been getting better and better. She’s really good at expanding my skills and my appreciation of playing songs. I learn something new every time I go.”

Marcus P.
Eagle Rock, CA

“I’m having fun!

I’ve been going to Eagle Rock Music Studio for 4 years. I’m taking banjo lessons and it’s been a very positive experience. It’s easy to change days and times. If you miss a class, you can make it up. It’s a great place to learn a new instrument or to learn more about an old one.”

Wendy L.
Los Angeles, CA

“A great place to find a great music teacher-any style, any instrument.

A great value-lots of flexibility. Clarinet teacher Jim Youngstrom and piano teacher Mark Ross are talented, working musicians who are generous educators. They have the chops, but they also are very encouraging and supportive of each of their student’s goals. The studio is in a great location (centrally located) and the director is responsive, flexible, and dedicated to the surrounding community. I highly recommend this haven for music lovers.”

Hind B.
Los Angeles, CA

“Excellent, Pat is patient and the lessons are fun.

Pat O’Brien is a great teacher and an amazing guitarist. I’ve had a great time and have learned a lot. I would recommend taking lessons with him with no reservation.”

Max S
Los Angeles, CA

“Excellent instruction and top-notch teachers.
Over the course of several years I have taken classes in bass guitar (from Sharon), drums (Joanna), keyboards  and guitar (Sue Bray) at Eagle Rock Music Studio. Some were individual classes, some were group classes shared with other students.

Every teacher I’ve had contact with at this studio has been knowledgeable and effective at teaching their specialty. More than that,e very teacher has been positive, enthusiastic, supportive and focused on helping their students learn. The lessons I took have always been tailored to the student (or students) ability, so if you learn faster the teacher gives you more to work with, and if you nee more time to catch up, you get the time you need.

Such consistently high quality instruction and teacher attitudes does not happen by accident. It happens at this studio because Sue Bray, the studio owner and my guitar instructor, values these qualities highly, and finds music teachers with these abilities and personal qualities to work for her.

The studio itself is small. This is necessary for the studio to survive financially in these challenging economic times while keeping lessons affordable. But there are no compromises made when it comes to the quality of the teachers and the instruction-those are top-notch.”

John C.
Los Angeles, CA

“It has been a great experience with my son. He looks forward to his piano class.
Miss Katrina Saroyan is an amazing piano teacher. Considering that my son has Autism, my son can read music notes, can play about 7 songs, and is engaged with Katrina in his piano class. This is made possible by Ms. Katrina’s gentle ways, patience, and believing in my son. Thanks for sharing your talent with us Katrina!”

Cristina M.
Los Angeles, CA

“Patient, knowledgeable instruction.

My experience with them, primarily with my instructor Sue, has been great. She is extremely knowledgeable and patient and great with instruction. She has been fun to deal with the whole year I have been there learning guitar. I would highly recommend Sue!”

Sean C..
Los Angeles, CA

“Wonderful and a great deal!

My daughter began taking piano classes with her teacher, Genevieve, when she was 4 years old. She is now almost 9 and has grown considerably. She loves her teacher because she makes learning fun and is so positive. The studio is small and intimate and has wonderful teachers who enjoy educating and bringing out the best in our young musicians. I couldn’t be happier with the studio.”


Los Angeles, CA


“Great attitude, positive experience.

Eagle Rock Music Studio is a simple facility. You don’t have to pay for a fancy setting, but the service and opportunity to learn are excellent. We have been going for several years and plan to continue.”

Ellen W.
Los Angeles, CA

“Sue Bray and Eagle Rock Music Studio earn the highest of praise.

Sue Bray and Eagle Rock Music Studio provide top-notch instruction in a safe, supportive environment. I’ve been introduced to many new ways of playing and shown more than half a dozen styles of music. With Sue’s help, I hope to master them all.”

David O.
Los Angeles, CA


Joanna has done an exceptional job for my 2 boys. One of my boys (8, 12) is autistic and tends to do better when he is with his brother. Joanna has been patient with both of them. Joanna has taught them the basics (drums) well. They look forward to Friday “Drum class”. Thanks, Joanna!”

Roger R.
Los Angeles, CA

“Been taking lessons for 3 years, great!

Eagle Rock Music Studio was my first time taking music lessons. I have been taking lessons with Sue for about 3 years and she has been very accommodating with my schedule if something comes up. She has been very good to work with, she works around me schedule with minimal problems, and so I have stuck with it!

I started with a package of 6 classes and decided to start and haven’t looked back. I am improving and learning a lot in the lessons. I can play a few tunes and I am progressing.”

Steve C.
Los Angeles, CA

“Very positive. Joanna is a patient and inventive teacher for a younger student.
Joanna has worked well with Peter, who at 6 is not always focused. She does a good job of working around his frustrations and blocks.”

Jon S.
Los Angeles, CA

“Sue is great.
They’ve just been great. They’re nice people and they work around your schedule.”

Gretchen K.
Burbank, CA

“Fun and great learning experience, have recommended to friends.

Challenging but fun learning at a pace that works for the whole class. Made ukulele easy to read tab and fun exercises. Great song choices picked too!”

Tara W.
Burbank, CA

“Dave Cipriani does a terrific job!

Our daughter has been working with Dave Cipriani for one and one-half years on guitar. His instructions are clear, he has firm expectations, he helps her to improve at her speed and with her interests in mind. And he is patient, gentle and kind. We are delighted with our experience with Dave and with the Eagle Rock Music Studio.”

Joe R.
Altadena, CA