Cornet Lessons

At Eagle Rock Music Studio in Los Angeles, musicians of all ages and levels may take cornet lessons. Young children and adults alike frequently study the cornet, and some aspire to be professionals while others simply study the instrument for recreational fulfillment. If your situation fits either scenario, or if it lies somewhere in the middle, Eagle Rock has something for you that will expand your musical horizons beyond dreaming and towards doing.


The cornet is very similar to the trumpet, and is a member of the brass family of instruments. It is thought to have developed from the post horn in the 1820s in France. Compared to the trumpet, the cornet has a mellower tone and typically is used to play melodies instead of fanfares.


The cornet can be found across a wide swath of music ensembles and settings, including brass bands, concert bands, fanfare orchestras, and jazz ensembles. In the case of the latter, the cornet was more popular in the pre-bebop era, and has become utilized less frequently in more modern styles of jazz. However, in playing Dixieland and other, older forms of jazz rooted in the New Orleans tradition, the cornet is used. Although Louis Armstrong is best known as a trumpeter, he started on the cornet, and another early jazz legend, Kid Oliver, played the cornet, as well. The cornet is even featured prominently on later classic jazz albums like Herbie Hancock’s Empyrean Isles and Ornette Coleman’s The Shape of Jazz to Come.


The mission of Eagle Rock Music Studio is to help students in the Los Angeles area take their cornet game to their desired level (and then some). We believe students should learn something new every visit, and that lessons should be fun, engaging, and exciting. Our lessons focus on proper technique, competition preparation (if applicable), sight-reading, and basic music theory.

We believe, however, that each student has their own goals and learning styles, and that it is important to tailor the lessons to the individual needs of each and every student. We offer two course paths for cornet players: one for professionals and another for recreation. Since it can take months to prepare for an audition, all cornet lessons are private/one-on-one — you’ll make more progress much faster in this setting than when working alone or in a group.

Practice is extremely important for developing a working proficiency with your instrument, but actually becoming a working professional requires honing these skills under the guidance of an instructor who can identify your goals and help you work towards fulfilling them. Playing for recreation removes the stress involved from playing competitively, but the same principle of identifying goals and working towards their specific solutions still applies when teaching within this setting.

Eagle Rock Music Studios is located just north of downtown Los Angeles between Glendale and Pasadena. We look forward to seeing you come by. For more information or to set up a lesson, please call us at 323-309-8467.