Why Performance Is an Important Part of Music Lessons for Young People

Eagle Rock Music Studio wasn’t established to be a dominating music studio in Los Angeles. Instead, it was created to share and involve music with more people. It was designed to bring established and knowledgeable artists and potential musicians together. The goal is to create a situation where musicians can learn on any level. That includes the young, aspiring student.

Setting Goals for Young People and Music

Getting young people involved in music is a delicate balance between directing them and letting them make their own choices. You want to help them get involved in music and probably have an indication where they may succeed or fail. The beauty of music is they can find their own way. When a young person who is inclined towards music is exposed to it, they will gravitate to vehicles that allow them to make the most of it. That is, as long as they have enough exposure to their options.

But choosing an instrument is just the start. How is progress measured? For many, it is in performance.

The Value of Performance

Many underestimate the value of performance in the progress of a young person’s music lessons. When a new student understands that ultimately he or she will be expected to perform in front of friends and family, it sets a goal. It sets expectations. These expectations can help a young student develop, not only musically, but as a person. They begin to better understand the value of work/talent/reward equation that many young students miss without the element of performance.

These performance expectations don’t necessarily have to be lofty. They can be from a Mom and Dad or siblings. But they should be a part of the overall expectations of a young student. Can it be uncomfortable? Perhaps. But it is part of the learning process that not only makes young people better musicians, but better, more well-rounded people.

Choosing Eagle Rock Music Studio

At Eagle Rock Music Studio, we understand the value of the accolades of performance. Some of our students greatly desire it and many of our teachers have achieved it. Most importantly, performance sets a musical goal for our young students. Contact us and learn more about setting your student on the rewarding path of musical achievement and its lifelong rewards.