Private Music Lessons

We offer lessons for the following:

Voice Piano Keyboard Guitar Drums Bass Guitar Ukulele Banjo Lap Steel Harmonica Violin Viola Saxophone Clarinet Flute Trumpet Baritone Horn Bass Trombone Recorder Mandolin Mountain Dulcimer Pedal Steel Congas Bongos Timabales Doumbek Frame Drums Percussion Music Theory

Classical Jazz Rock Latin Folk Blues Indian Celtic Gypsy Bluegrass Afro Cuban R&B Americana………..

The private lesson environment provides the optimal learning situation. The student learns one-on-one with the teacher. This allows the teacher to have complete awareness of the areas in which the student is performing well, which should be noted and encouraged by the teacher. It also allows the teacher to become aware of blocks and difficulties the student is experiencing so that the teacher can help the student move through these issues. Greater awareness of these issues on the part of both the teacher and the student can make the learning experience more effective and rewarding.

Another advantage of private lessons is that they can be customized for the student. Musical interests, needs and motivation, and amount of time available for practice are all aspects that should be addressed for a satisfactory learning experience. Previous experience with learning and present playing/singing abilities and experience can be evaluated and taken into account in setting up a plan of action. We offer lessons for the inexperienced beginner as well as for the performing professional.

Our lessons are paid for on a month to month basis. No contracts to lock you in and no extra registration fees.

Most of our students find they do well with one 1/2 hr. session per week. Those preparing for an audition or applying for entry into a music program sometimes opt for more or longer lessons. At the beginning of the month, the full monthly fee is paid. This usually consists of paying for four lessons (twice a year there is 5 week month for a given day of the week). For students taking one 1/2 hr lesson per week this payment is $100 per month (or $125 if the month contains 5 lessons). If there is a week in the month when a student will be out of town or something needs to be handled at the scheduled lesson time, as long as the teacher receives 24 hr. notice, make up time can be arranged for the missed lesson, ensuring that the student receives the total time paid for. Excessive changes may cause a need to re-evaluate the time for which the lesson is scheduled.

$25.00 per 1/2 hr. session
$37.50 per 45 min. session
$50.00 per 1 hr. session

Single lessons may be arranged without reserving a weekly time slot subject to the availability of the teacher.
Semi-private lessons are also available (2 people share a time slot and share the cost- it is important to be well matched with your partner to have a fun and satisfactory learning experience).

If you are interested in arranging private lessons please call or email us for scheduling. In addition to offering lessons during daytime hours, we also offer later evening times. If you call and are connected to our voice mail, please be sure to leave a message. To keep our prices lower than most studios in the area, we do not hire a receptionist. Our teachers may be teaching when you call. We will return your call in a timely manner.