Drum Lessons

Regardless of your age, taking drum lessons is a great decision. Are you an adult who has always dreamed about drumming, or a child with an interest in banging it out? All reasons are valid and should be encouraged. Taking up the drums is replete with benefits and it’s not surprising why.

The existence of  drums is as old as mankind itself, and anthropologists have found drums dating back to 6,000 B.C. in Mesopotamia. A drum is defined as a membrane stretched over a hollowed outer body, with pegs that tighten or loosen the pull of the membrane or skin. Sound is produced by the vibration that follows striking the membrane with a stick or a hand.

People have been drumming ever since somebody hit a rock with a stick. Consider that hand clapping is a primitive form of percussion, and it’s one for the earliest of baby’s developmental accomplishments. If you’ve ever notice yourself or others clapping along in syncopation, tapping feet, snapping fingers, or rapping a pencil on the table; then you can understand the appeal of drumming.

Discover the best drum lessons at Eagle Rock Music Studio. Selecting the right drum teacher is the key to successful instruction. Our teaching staff is composed of talented musicians, all of whom have professional experience, with the care and patience to teach drummers at every level. Eagle Rock recognizes the variety of benefits derived from drumming lessons, such as:

• Study and Practice require Discipline
• Beat and Rhythm patterns help math skills
• Develops motor skill coordination
• Simultaneous muscle use fosters focus and intellect
• It’s kinetic and it’s fun

Here is the kind of small facility that welcomes students and nurtures them along the way. They keep their costs low so that they can maintain the best professional teaching staff while extending reasonably priced lessons to their students who travel from all over the greater Los Angeles area; Highland Park, Glassell Park, Glendale, Montrose, and Pasadena for example. The variety of students who attend include those:

• applying to music programs
• learning musical concepts, theory and technique
• want to have fun and do something special with their free time

Eagle Rock offers private lessons as well as low cost group lessons and workshops There’s something for everybody, like:

• Beginning Drums for Children 6-9
• Beginning Drums for Ages 10-13
• Beginning Drums for Teens and Adults
• Beginning Hand Drums Ages 5-7
• Beginning Hand Drums Ages Teens and Adults

Read about this exceptional Los Angeles music studio and contact them for more details. Discover Eagle Rock Studio, join a drum session, and become a part of the drum beat. It’s the heartbeat of the band.