How Teaching Kids Piano Boosts Intelligence and Social Skills

The long-term benefits of teaching children an instrument, including the piano are well documented. There’s a direct link between music and intelligence, which is often called the Mozart effect. Scientists have long understood that those children who develop musical skills, like playing the piano have an improved visual-spatial skill. Could teaching your child to play the piano truly boost his or her intelligence and social skills?

It Promotes Brain Development
The Journal of Neuroscience found in 2009 that providing musical experience to children even as young as just 15 months could create structural brain changes, improving their auditory and motor skills. And, a study from the Boston Children’s Hospital found that early musical training can improve cognitive control, allowing them to retain information better and even maintain behavior better. This leads to academic improvement. That’s improve found on MRIs. But, why?

Whether it comes from the practice and intense focus or the music itself, the goal is the same. Children who learn to play the piano are learning a new skill that gets the brain muscle flexing and growing. By developing the brain, especially at a very young age, it’s possible to allow the brain to learn more and become smarter.

How can Piano Lessons Boost Social Skills?
Children that play the piano or even another instrument are more likely to be confident. They are likely to have better language development. They process information faster and better. Studies have indicated that hits type of development also aids in cognitive skills, allowing children to improve in areas of discipline, self-control, patience and problem solving. They are even more likely to show empathy. All of this helps to contribute to better social skills.

Of course, there’s also the fact that children who learn to play the piano are able to communicate with others who share the same talents. They are more likable because they are more controlled and intelligent. And, they tend to understand other children better.

Are you ready to give your child the ability to grow and develop into their very best self? With piano lessons for kids, it may be possible to encourage your child’s growth and development far
more than spending that hour a day staring at a TV or playing video games.