Giving The Gift of Music This Holiday

When holiday shopping for children, parents are constantly on the lookout for gifts that will not lose their magic within just a few days. We have all seen children beg for a gift only to toss it to the side before the New Year rolls around. This is why giving the gift of music lessons is such a great, imaginative gift idea for kids. Music lessons are not just a way to show your love through gift giving, but to also provide your child or a child you love with a powerful skill that can influence their life for years to come. Here are three reasons why music lessons are a wonderful holiday gift.

Music Builds Character

When children begin the journey of music education they learn many important life skills and character traits. In order to succeed at any musical instrument children must practice perseverance, and commitment. These are important life time character traits that many people never get the opportunity to develop.

Because music is also an artistic expression children will learn new outlets for emotional expressions which can prove vital when navigating the emotions and challenges of childhood and adolescence. As musical talent develops children learn that not only are they learning notes on a scale, but they are actually learning how to express their own individuality to the world.

Music Improves Intellect

There are many studies which how that children who take music lessons are actually more intelligent than children who do not. Playing an instrument requires many different areas of the brain to engage simultaneously in a way that few other activities do. This brain workout over time literally strengthens a child’s brain and their capability to work through problems and learn about the world around them. In addition to this music education also increases a child’s listening skills as well as math performance.

Experiences are More Valuable Than Things

Research has also shown that humans create memories based on their experiences rather than on their possessions. Parents can buy children many possessions, but it will be the child’s experiences that will stay with them as memories and help to develop them as adults. Music education is an experience which will grow richer over time and children meet other children with their same musical interest and they begin to branch out into musical performance and expression.

If you are hoping to find a special child in your life a truly special holiday gift, consider giving the gift of music education this year