How To Get Over The “I Hate This”–When Your Child Wants To Quit

Everyone has a story of successful or not so successful music lessons as a child. You might have hated piano lessons and quit after just a few of them when your parents didn’t force you to continue.

If your child is taking on a new instrument it’s common to have them fight against playing sometimes. Not all children are going to want to practice. Lessons sometimes aren’t a picnic either. It’s also common to come up on some resistance if your child isn’t overly fond of their music teacher. In Los Angeles, one of the best music schools is Eagle Rock Music Studio with some of the most child-friendly instructors around, so it’s not going to be a matter of not liking their teacher.

So what’s the most effective way to get over the “I hate this” blues when your child wants to quit their music lessons? Don’t be above bribery. Kids love money, toys, and candy treats. This is a situation where a little bribery goes a long way to getting them into their lessons, especially for the very young child. It’s not the end of the world to promise your child an ice cream cone trip after a successful lesson. Or a stop by the comic book store to purchase the latest issue of Batman 52. Giving them something to look forward to after their lesson is a good idea. Eventually once they are more adept at playing they will start to enjoy it more. After getting over that initial hump of the unfamiliar with their new instrument, your child will grow to enjoy their time playing much more.