Break Down the Wall of Songwriter’s Block

As artists of the music world, it’s not always easy to come up with new material. Many songwriters find themselves in the land of “No Inspiration” quite often and there are cases where you just can’t afford to be there. To fluently write music and lyrics without any mental restriction will always be a seasonal thing, but if inspiration doesn’t want to come to you………..then simply create it yourself.

1. Give your Artistic Side a Break:

Apart from allowing you to communicate with other musicians, getting to know the technical side of music can produce some nice songs. There are so many chord structures and literate formulas to try out that it usually leads to something greater. It might not be fun at first, but once you start understanding the process it’s like a light goes on.

2. Write the Sequel:

The majority of songs in the world are based on some kind of story and it’s these stories you can take into the future. Take a moment to think about songs with profound plot lines, either your own or from another songwriter, and build on what could happen further.

3. Make a 180 Degree Turn:

If you find yourself stuck then what about turning around? For example, if you have been focusing on hard rock songs then make a switch to alternative or even pop. The goal is to do the exact opposite of what you did before and finding something completely new.

4. Copycat:

It might not sound very honest, but every song is a rip-off from another song when you think about it. Listen to one of your favorites and take a little inspiration from there. Is it the chord structure that you like? Maybe it’s the tone of the lyrics that grab you? As long as you make it your own and it doesn’t sound like the original, you’re good.

5. Think of Nonsense:

That’s right, get your mind all crazy and grab any random phrases or words you can find, regardless of the source. Now throw them together and see what pans out.

6. New Beginnings:

Try to break the routine with which you start to write. If you’re prone to begin with a melody then try thinking of some lyrics first. Remember that songwriting is filled with many dynamics and there are no set rules where to begin.

7. Partner Up:

Some of the greatest songs to hit the billboards came from collaborations and what better time than when you have writer’s block? Make that call and find somebody who can work with you.

8. Learn some Theory:

You won’t have a hard time finding a good song book or an online course to help you get moving again, so utilize the web and learn a few new tricks.

9. Personal Experience:

Perhaps you have a couple of memories or feelings you’ve never had the desire to write about, now would be a good time.

10. Mind your Attention Span:

You might not be aware of this, but most adults can only concentrate on a single thing for about 30 minutes. Some can reach an hour. The point is that you need to take breaks in between your mission for inspiration and writing. Set an alarm clock if you have to.

11. Automatic Writing:

No, this is a not the paranormal method for breaking writer’s block. However, it’s an effective way. Take a pen and paper then write down the first thoughts that come to mind. Keep doing this for about 5 or 10 minutes. Don’t pay attention to grammar or even if you are making sense, just write.

12. Practice Empathy:

A good songwriter has a way of placing him or herself in the shoes of somebody else. Use this talent and explore some other perspectives. More specifically, act as is you are living somebody else’s life, or at least feel it.

13. State the Obvious:

This is where you think of something true. It doesn’t really matter what it is, just as long as it’s true in that moment. For example, my eyes are burning and you’re far away. After you get about 3 or 4 truths you have a chorus. As for the verses, just scout your room and state the obvious. The walls are white, the sun is setting. As the day ends I keep on regretting. You get the picture.

14. Experiment:

Ultimately you are an artist, and artists experiment. In this case you want to try different art forms instead of writing a lyric. If possible, draw a picture of it or go take a nice photo. You can even create a sculptor around the subject if you like, just make sure you can see songwriting in other forms as well.

Your inspirational side might not always be around, but that is usually when your logic is there to assist. Go through these tips and see how easy you can break down the wall of writer’s block.