5 Tips to Promote your Music on Spotify

As the Internet speeds rise all over the world, the concept of streaming videos and music, will gain a major foothold in the music and entertainment industry. In the recent years, Spotify has risen rapidly to emerge as one of the major websites, where people can listen to music via streaming. As more and more people join Spotify, it is essential that any musician registers a solid presence and uses the website in a most effective manner. Below are some extremely relevant and effective tools to help with promoting music on Spotify. Take a look!

1) Delay the Spotify release of your music – Do not make your fruit of labor aka your music, freely available for all and sundry via Spotify. This holds especially true if you have recently released a single/music album out in the market. As far as possible, make people buy your single/album on the official release day itself. Wait for at least two weeks (or more, if it is a HUGE hit), before you make it available on Spotify.

2) Create your own playlists – This clever move requires you to create your own playlists, consisting of songs by (more popular) artists in the same genre as you. The trick is to chip in a few (two or three max, ideally) tracks of your own, that you feel are similar to the other songs in the playlist. Remember, do not overstuff your own music. People like to discover new artists/music as hidden gems, not oversold musical numbers.

3) Collaborate with others – A very important step if you are looking for a long career in the music industry. Ideally, you should find other unsigned or new artists on the block, and then create playlists featuring both your and their tracks. This works both ways, i.e. you get featured on two playlists, yours as well as theirs, thereby, increasing your overall reach!

4) Use targeted Facebook ads – The most relevant medium for budding musicians. You can “choose” to showcase your musical prowess to only those fans who “like” Spotify. This ensures maximum impact, and a certified increase in fan base. Using Facebook ads, you can even direct interested fans directly to your homepage and ask them to “like” you on Facebook to get your Spotify link.

5) Make your music easily available online – Get your music enlisted with top online music vendors such as iTunes, Amazon etc. This is essential as once people cannot listen to your tracks for free on Spotify any more, they will look up the Internet to find an official version for a purchase. You simply cannot afford to appear missing from the top online retailers mentioned earlier.

(Disclaimer: Aforementioned tips do not guarantee an overnight success as a musician!)