Tuba Lessons

Musicians of all ages and skill levels are invited to take tuba lessons at Eagle Rock Music Studio in Los Angeles. Children regularly study the tuba, but many adults learn the instrument for recreational enjoyment, as well, with many aiming to join an ensemble or band. Everyone is welcome to study the tuba here at Eagle Rock — we love nothing more than broadening the musical horizons of our students, and we believe in having them take action so they can transition from dreaming to doing.


Latin may be a dead language, but “tuba” is one of its many words that have since been Anglicized. In the days of the Roman Empire, “tuba” was their word for “trumpet.” The actual tuba we have come to know would not be developed until the 1830s, but its name is derived from the name for trumpets some two millennia before its development. The bass tuba was invented 1835 by Wilhelm Friedrich Wieprecht and Johann Gottfried Moritz; the tenor tuba was invented three years later by Carl Wilhelm Moritz, Johann’s son.


The tuba is one of the newest instruments in the modern orchestra, but nowadays it is hard to imagine orchestral or concert band music without it. Because of the sheer volume a tuba produces compared to say, a violin, generally only one tuba player is required per orchestral ensemble, although specific pieces may require more than one. Tubas can also be found in jazz music, particularly in larger ensembles in more traditional settings, such as styles found closer to New Orleans like Dixieland. Later, more modern jazz such as bebop typically do not utilize tubas.


It is the desire of Eagle Rock Music Studio to encourage its students to achieve a level of skill and enjoyment for their instrument that surpasses their initial expectations. It is important for students to be continuously learning in a fun environment that is supportive, engaging, and friendly. Because everyone is different and learns differently, we tailor a lesson plan specifically for each student — we believe this achieves the best results, and all tuba lessons are private as a result.

We offer two course paths for bassists: professional and recreational. Ultimately, however, each path begins with the identification of your goals and creating a step-by-step plan to achieve them. In the case of an aspiring professional, practice is extremely important for developing a high level of proficiency with your instrument, but actually honing these skills under the tutelage of a mentor who can help you work towards fulfilling your goals every step of the way is crucial.

Playing for recreation removes the stress involved from playing competitively, but the same principles of identifying goals and working towards their specific solutions still apply when teaching within this setting. As instructors, we love seeing a student develop his or her own musical voice — regardless of whether the student is learning the bass for fun or for the purposes of playing competitively.

Eagle Rock Music Studios is located just north of downtown Los Angeles between Glendale and Pasadena. We look forward to seeing you come by. For more information or to set up a lesson, please call us at 323-309-8467.