Euphonium Lessons

Ready to join the marching band? Or are you looking to spread your wings and fly as a professional musician with your euphonium in tow? At Eagle Rock Music Studio in Los Angeles, we offer euphonium lessons for those of all ages and skill levels. Just starting out? No problem. Both advanced- and novice-level euphoniumists are welcome here, and if your skill level is something in between, that’s fine too.


The euphonium belongs to the brass family of instruments, and was invented in 1843 after the cumbersome ophicleide (which itself developed from the even harder to use serpent) was deemed too unreliable. The euphonium bears a strong resemblance to the tuba, but is slightly smaller; the instruments are the lowest conical-bore instruments, with the euphonium being the higher of the two.


The euphonium is a diverse instrument, with a wide range. However, typically the euphonium is used in a band setting as opposed to solo, orchestra, or jazz settings; typically it is not used in popular music either. That being said, the euphonium is also typically the most important instrument in a band setting, and is frequently referred to as the “king of the band instruments.” Euphoniums play a critical role in march music; the bands in America’s armed forces (the so-called “service bands”) consist mostly of brass, and euphoniums can be found within them as a result.


At Eagle Rock, we offer a structured yet supportive environment to help our students transition from dreamers into doers. We currently offer two course paths for those interested in developing their euphonium skills: one for those seeking to play competitively and/or professionally, and another for those seeking to play for enrichment purposes. In order to help you improve, our instructor will identify your goals and create a detailed plan of action for you to follow to help your aspirations of becoming a better euphonium player become a reality.

A large part of our philosophy here at Eagle Rock Music Studio is that it is important for every musician to develop his or her own musical voice. Our environment is energizing and encouraging, and is designed to foster creativity on the part of our students. We recognize that every student has unique needs and will respond to teaching styles differently, so we tailor our lessons specifically for each student; all of our euphonium lessons are private as a result.

Eagle Rock Music Studios is located just north of downtown Los Angeles between Glendale and Pasadena. We look forward to seeing you come by. For more information or to set up a lesson, please call us at 323-309-8467.